Houses for sale within the Maiella National Park, in Caramanico, Sant'Eufemia a Maiella and Roccacaramanico.


Through CARAMANICO REAL ESTATE you can find the house of your interest among many offers of properties for sale, new, refurbished or to renovate, in the beautiful scenery of inner Abruzzo.

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In Abruzzo, the towns of Caramanico Terme, Sant'Eufemia and Roccacaramanico in the Pescara Province are within the Maiella National Park, in a beautiful mountain area characterized by high peaks, valleys, rivers, lush forests, typical flora and fauna, a short distance from the coast with the big cities and the famous beaches of the Adratico Sea. The climate is that of low mountain, winters are not too cold and summers not too hot. In this territory there are residential properties of various kinds, but especially typical, built in white stone and often well preserved thanks to careful restorations.

Italy - Abruzzo - Maiella Nat. Park
Caramanico Immobiliare - Caramanico Terme


Stone house with garden and cellar in a typical neighborhood.

Graceful home of 129 g. sqm. (two bedrooms and two bathrooms) with garden in the quaint downtown area, accessible by car..

Caramanico area and its surroundings