About Us

We are practitioners and agencies engaged in the promotion and sale of typical properties in Abruzzo, interested in getting in touch with Italian and / or foreign customers looking for a house of character in some of the most beautiful villages in the region.

We are available for tours in various villages, we can provide assistance and advice in all phases of approach to the possible purchase.

The negotiations take place directly with the agencies involved. In case of need of restoration of the properties, we can encourage interaction with offices, technicians and local companies with proven experience in the field of building restoration.

Our customers

All those who attracted by Abruzzo, are looking for a housing solution or a not too expensive investment, even for holiday, outside of the context of the big cities, amidst the tranquility and beauty of the area, surrounded by history, arts, culture, traditions and above all the friendliness of the people.



The newest properties for sale shown on this site are made with techniques and materials reflecting the most current knowledge concerning the residential private constructions.

The oldest properties are almost all made of local stone, and belong to the type of rural building / peasant in the first half of '900, generally in the historic centers of the various villages, often overlook offering spectacular views of the valleys below. Restored or to restore, retain many original features such as stone or brick portals, the characteristic balconies, roof coverings with old tiles and sometimes the typical fireplaces. The partial or total restorations have always respected recovery plans and followed the rules provided for building renovations and energy conservation. The properties are regularly stacked at the Buildings Registry, generally in Category A/2 - A/3 - A/4 and usually belong to a single owner.


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Visiting the properties

The visits to the properties are possible after booking well in advance and registration. The Visits Service is free. We also organize tours of the properties for sale in certain areas. Possible car service (for a fee) starting from the nearest Railway Stations.

Qualified property consultants provide advice and assistance in all phases of approach to purchase or sale. For sale are required to owners some documents including the APE. All documentation base is available on request of potential buyers, after formal registration.

Support during purchase/sale
Technical Interactions

In case of need of technical operations or restoration and renovation of properties, it is encouraged the interaction with qualified professionals (surveyors, architects, engineers) operating in specific areas, in strict compliance with the general and local regulations.